Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Valetudo


HI There!
I want to add my robot vacuum cleaner in the Google Home system in order to be able to send it for cleaning using a voice command. This robot works on Ubuntu 14.0.4 LTS, I have root access and the ability to install programs. Therefore I installed Mosquitto and set it up as a bridge for gBridge.io according to this instruction.
I connected the robot via mqtt to this server, as well as MQTTlens to see what messages the robot sends to the server, and received the following message:

“name”: “rockrobo”,
“unique_id”: “rockrobo”,
“schema”: “state”,
“supported_features”: [
“command_topic”: “valetudo/rockrobo/command”,
“state_topic”: “valetudo/rockrobo/state”,
“set_fan_speed_topic”: “valetudo/rockrobo/set_fan_speed”,
“fan_speed_list”: [
“send_command_topic”: “valetudo/rockrobo/custom_command”,
“json_attributes_topic”: “valetudo/rockrobo/attributes”

If I send “start” message in topic “valetudo/rockrobo/command” through the MQTTlens then robot start cleaning, that is, everything works as it should.

but I can’t manage to configure topics in gBridge

What I do wrong? please help me make connection