Unraid in combination with RPI 3B+


Hello guys,

I am currently struggeling to get gBridge working the way it should.
I was following https://doc.gbridge.io/selfHosted/hostItYourself.html and Nginx config for Rpi self-hosted.
I can connect locally to via http, add devices etc.
What is not working is the authentication via the google home app. It can reach my PI and I can log in, but it returns with the error message

400 Bad Request
The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port

My setup looks like the attached picture.

I am using the proxy feature of the LE docker to forward to the PI.
The conf file of Unraid:
The conf of the PI:

If I add the SSL section it is always searching for the certificates and I don’t want to add another let’s encrypt since I already have one running.

There must be something wrong with the config and I am not sure, what it is.

Has someone an idea?

Thank you.