Thermostat not showing temperature


Hi All,

I am trying to set up a few test device to see how it works. My switches are working fine (changing and also setting status).
Next was a thermostat. I created the device and started sending in data. I sending in “heat” and “cool” to tempset-mode/set and the unit in the Home app shows the state as expected.
I am also sending in temperature data in /tempset-setpoint/set and /tempset-ambient/set liek “25” or “25.5” but nothing happens. I only see the “Heating” “Cooling” text in the Home app, no temperatures and no response to the “+”, “-” buttons.

What did I do wrong?



Sorry, I have gone in and out of the device, but after shutting down the app and reopening it made the temperature values show up. So no issues at all.


And yet again another piece of info. I added the fan speed trait. I set up the fan speed options as described in the documentation, and the thermostat stopped showing the temperature values again.

So it looks like fan speed and temperature settings should not be combined in a single device.
I did this, because I have a fan-coil controller, where the thermostat controls the set temperature, mode and fan speed as well. I assume in this case I should rather create a separate fan device.


The Google Home app is quite strict in terms of possible combinations of traits. However, (almost) everything should be controllable using voice commands