Thermostat message everyday


I configured a thermostat device which controlled my diy smart thermostat. The strange thing is that for the last few days I receive every morning, at the same time, a thermostat set command from the gateway which I do not know where it comes from. I haven’t used any schedule feature anywhere… Any ideas?


Only for the last few days?

Does this only happen for thermostats - or also for devices with OnOff traits or alike?
Which messages on which topics are sent? Could you check, whether something is sent on gBridge/ux/d0/grequest?

Unfortunately, due to European GPDR, it is hard for us to log data and monitory such behaviour.

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The problem is only with thermostat, at the same time every day. Nothing else is sent on gBridge/uxxx. I even changed the mqtt topic and the old topic continued to come. At the end I had to remove the thermostat from the configuration.



I was able to reproduce the issue and currently investigating its possible causes.

I’m going to Inform you upon updates.



How have you configured MQTT? Are you sending messages with the Retained flag set?


I think I did sent with the retained flag set, yes.


You will have to delete the ‘stuck’ retained message, otherwise it will continue to be sent.


I don’t think the problem is related to the retain flag. For example the retain message was set to “off” and the message coming from the gateway was “on”.