Tasmota shutters (stefanbode)


I’m using a fork of Tasmota (https://github.com/stefanbode/Sonoff-Tasmota) for my shutters/blinds. So far I’ve used “Light” devices with brightness on/off traits on gBridge. Additionally I run a little custom “MQTT translation” script. In that script I subscribe to onoff/set topic of gBridge and translate this to SHUTTEROPEN/SHUTTERCLOSE commands of Tasmota shutters and similarly translate gBridge’s brightness to SHUTTERPOSITION. Similar translation happens for outbound.
It works well although I’m ashamed of my hackish mqtt script and would like to get rid of it :slight_smile:

Seeing gBridge recently added support for shutters and open/close traits I was hoping I could pair it with Tasmota shutters. I’ve tried shutter and blind devices, different trait combinations but in Google Home app I only get a shutter-like icon with a little wheel gear and there is no way to turn the device off or on - it just shows a page with settings. I’ve tried changing language on my phone (English USA or Polish) but it makes no difference. Would this mean Google has not enabled shutter device yet?
Thank you!



commands for shutters/ blinds can’t be used via the Google Home app, since these are yet undocumented features.

However, voice commands work without any problems.