Self hosted status command?


thanks for great product! :slight_smile:

I’ve spent few hours trying to integrate few of my Sonoff-Tasmota switches into gBridge self hosted instance.
After modification to the Action topic to gBridge/u1/d0/cmnd/POWER (I’ve configured tasmota MQTT to gBridge/u1/d0 topic) the switch works as intended, but the status request from Google that is sent when I open the GoogleHome screen sends gBridge/u1/d0/grequest and I’m not sure how sould I integrate into this command to make it work correctly?

This is quite standard setup except the fact that it is on my local server so I did not bother with any kind of mqtt relay for security purposes, I want to integrate gBridge with tasmota (Sonoff basic and S26) straight on.

Is there any tutorial available to integrate it like that? Without any proxy/relay service?