Return values to google home


I use node-RED to monitor connected local sensor data, and it would be really great if we could feed back sensor data to google home.

For example;

Hey Google, tell me the {power usage}
OK, the {power usage} is 1200Watts

Hey Google, tell me the {garden temperature}
OK, the {garden temperature} is 18 degrees

I guess you are constrained by what features google make available…



yes - I’m limited to the device kinds Google supports. However, there are rumors/ findings that new device types are going to be supported soon (see:

However, they are neither officially supported nor documented - so I’m unable to implement them in the production version.

For the “garden temperature” topic: You could somehow reproduce this behaviour by using a thermostat, setting its setpoint and mode to a fixed value while publishing your sensor data to its “ambient temperature” status topic.

I’ll let you know once there are updates for new device types.


That’s great news, thank you!
It seems that google are finally making rapid progress in making Google Home more usable by third parties.