Is this an abandoned project?


I just starting experimenting with It seems very promising but I can’t get the mqtt bridge to recognize the security certs. I was just looking @peter’s posts and he hasn’t been active since mid-May.

Are there any collaborators working with him on this or has this project been abandoned?



Well, the kickstarter raise may have well occupied Peter and alexa development is probably still ongoing.
I’m using the last version with a self hosted solution and it works fine and it’s an easy way to use google assistant.
Did you try to send an email to [email protected] ?



Thanks @SylvainPer I have not sent him a direct email, I try to avoid doing that to see if I can get it solved through the community boards first.

I would understand a month or so of absent time but five months makes me a bit concerned to start investing time / money into this project. I’ve seen a number of reach outs in the boards on adding devices and questions that have gone unanswered, hence the question, especially since he has made it a commercial project.



I think the author may have lost interest in the project as I posted a simple question and have had ZERO answers about using the ‘thermostat’ widget.

I’ve discovered the NORA node that works really well with Node-Red (and it supports and works with a ‘thermostat’ widget in Google Home).



Thanks @dynamicdave. I’ve been using Nora as well, was just looking at other options to shift the lift from Node-Red to just doing it directly at the MQTT level since I use a MQTT bus as my connector to my Zwave system and Node-Red. Plus Andrei hasn’t been adding the new devices beyond what he directly uses. I’ve started trying to help him with adding add’l devices that I’m looking for.

Agree on the developer likely loosing interest. I looked at his GitHub and Twitter and neither have been active since May/June. Too bad, it had tons of potential. Will likely keep an eye on it to see if anyone else picks it up to help him out.



This is so frustrating - such a good project that appears to have been abandoned.

I hope someone helps the developer move it on to the next level.