Google home and Domoticz


Running Domoticz with gBridge on a PI and it works ok. A ‘dummy’ switch turns on/off when switching from Google home on mobile but when switching from Domoticz the status is not updated in Google home. Is this normal behavior? Would be nice if switching could work bidirectional.



Are you on the last plugin version for domoticz ? This behavior is implemented but need to add a MQTT Client Gateway, more details on the plugin page:



Hi SylvainPer and thank’s for reply. I’ve missed that someone replied and hence the late response.
I’ve checked and I have the latest plugin but I am uncertain how to config the MQTT client gateway. I’m not using a local MQTT server but g-bridge server. In the field remote address should it be ?? and user gbridge-uxxxx ?. If I understand right, the example on github shows config for a local server with address 192…
Regards Håkan



This subject is discussed here:
Not working for now…

If you’re on a PI, the easiest way is to install mosquitto by following the domoticz wiki page:
No need to install node-red.



Hi and thank’s for reply. Mosquitto installed on Pi and configured ok I believe since I can connect to local broker but still unable to set status on mobile when switching from Domoticz. I couldn’t fully understand the discussion in the link you gave me. Publish topic set to ‘out’ in MQTT Client gateway. Is there anything else to be done ? Do you have to run a script that publish new state to gbridge when switching from Domoticz to update on mobile ? If so how, what is the syntax for the ‘publish’ string ? It is very frustrating not to be able to communicate bidirectionally and I imaging that more than me are interested in a solution. Sorry to ask so many questions but for a non expert it’s confusing.
Regards Håkan



I may have a solution. I asked the plugin author but as small contributor, I think this might work.
You can try to configure your local MQTT server as described here:

After that, change your gbridge plugin configuration to connect directly to your local MQTT server and add the MQTT client from domoticz like the third screen.