Get a spoken notification on your google device when device trait updates


Hi there,

On IO 2018 google demonstrated a smart mailbox on stage, giving a spoken notification on a google home device, when a racoon was detected. One of the cornerstones of the solution is that the device trait, part of the Google Home graph is updated by sending the report state. I do understand that gBridge does support the ReportState feature. However, I still try to figure out how you can make the google home assistant device(e.g. google mini) to announce that ‘something’ has happened.

So after a virtual device state (trait) has been updated in the HomeGraph by using ReportState, how to setup the assistant to say something. Does anyone of you know how to do this?



This is probably a bit off topic, but there is a google-home-notify extension available for Node-Red, you send it a text and it announces it after a chime. I use it so my Google Home tells me that somebody rings the doorbell. It can say anything up to certain limit. And what is great, that it also speaks on non-supported Google Home languages (non supported for recognition), so I can get Google Home to say something in Hungarian.
Of course this is no help if you are not using Node Red, hence I was saying off topic.



This is the page for the Node-Red extension, but it also exists as a npm module which might be easier to integrate if you are not using node-red.




Yes I’m aware of the node Red extension, but I’m not using red node. I was looking for a more Google native support of this feature. Thanks anyway for the response…