Anything as easy as gBridge to replace gBridge?

Hey all,

I started integrating my own stuff with google assistant just about 10 days ago and actually I found that gBridge is absolutely easy and well so nice :slight_smile: I rally loved it since moment one … I never got around to being paying supporter but I was planning to (as soon as I get out of my financial difficult situation that I have right now) …

is there ways to save gBridge of decision is done and that’s the way it is ? Is there anything like gbridge out there if it cant be saved ?

very sad …

I’ve just added MQTT support to my PDU control project and was using gbridge around my house with tasmota devices.
I can’t find anything as simple, and I was a paying supporter :frowning:

You can use NORA in node red. It is quite easy to setup and can be used with mqtt as well as gBridge.

But there are limited spaces left, so sign up quickly.

This could be a good replacement, since it supports all available google devices.

I’ve forked the original IoTGo code to connect it with Google Home. It works via websocket instead of MQTT and does not require any local broker setup.

Check it out at